It is Time for you to Face the Facts

From: Andy []
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 5:17 PM
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Subject: RE: Fargo Paving


It is time for you to face the facts. You are on the record during the BCC meeting in July of 2008 asking George Webb how much each property owner would pay for Fargo to be paved. He gave you an estimate of between $1500 and $2000 per owner and the assessment would be borne by 100 to 200 property owners.

The fact that you did not have the “slightest inkling” of your own motion says that it is time for you to step aside and let someone who understands the motions he or she makes take over. You declined numerous invitations to personally view the road in question. As a matter of fact I told you that you would take a lot of heat for this decision and you bragged that you were used to taking a lot of heat and that it was for the good of the community.

Commissioner, you were the one who suggested the 100% payment change to the MSTU program. I implore you to watch the video of the July 22, 2008 BCC meeting. You clearly had been told by Mr. Webb that somewhere between 100 and 200 property owners would be affected. Either you are choosing to disregard the facts and recreate history for your own political gain or you just don’t have control of your faculties. Respectfully, you don’t have a grasp of the events you were involved with. Undisputable proof to my claims exist and are posted at

Maybe it is time to explore options of a recall.

From: Jess Santamaria []
Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 4:57 PM
Cc: BCC-All Commissioners; Robert Weisman; George Webb
Subject: Fargo Paving

To: Andy Schaller

When you first approached me while I was walking out of a BCC meeting (some 18 months ago) regarding paving Fargo, I was happy to help you and offered to personally contribute $10,000.00 toward its paving. Within the first three months, if I had had the slightest inkling that 98% of your neighbors were opposed to the paving, you would have never gotten to first base!

Jess R. Santamaria
Palm Beach County Commissioner
District 6

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