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May 20, 2008

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From: George Webb
Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 2:53 PM
To: Johnnie Easton
Cc: Michael Marquis; Charles Rich; Tanya Mcconnell; Omelio Fernandez
Subject: Ranchettes


All four east/west roads are out to bid as one project.  These include El Paso, Yearling, Pinto and Rodeo.  Bids are to be open in mid-June and construction is to begin by the fall.  The County recently began maintaining Frontier (Lyons), but there are no funds for construction in the adopted 5 Year Plan, nor will I be showing any in the update planned for June/July.  Fargo, a north/south road, is the western terminus of the four roads listed above.  We will be stopping our paving at the east edge of the Fargo right of way for each road.  Fargo was never part of the MSTU requests in this area and should only be considered for an MSTU project after all the currently approved countywide MSTU projects planned for the next five years are funded.  We are not receiving any new MSTU petitions and Fargo would also have to go through that process when (or if) the BCC decides to reopen the petitioning process.  There are several other roads in the subdivision in addition to Fargo that could also petition for paving if the Board reopens the process.