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April 03, 2009

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From:  Beverly Link <>

Date: Friday, April 03, 2009 5:02pm

To: <>; Michael Marquis <>; Addie Greene <>; Burt Aaronson <>; <>; Jess Santamaria <>; Karen Marcus <>; Shelley Vana <>; Steven Abrams <>

Subject: PE: Paving of Fargo Avenue

I am writing to you all to say that I am not in favor of the paving of
Fargo Avenue at the additional cost to the ones of us that live near
Fargo Avenue in Palm Beach Ranchette Estates.  The people on Fargo
Avenue had the same chance to get their roads paved at a lesser cost
that the ones of us on Pinto Drive, El Paso, Rodeo and Yearling did but
did not take advantage of it.   It is not a necessary street to be paved
in order for school access.   The traffic does not back up to Fargo in
the morning for people dropping their kids off to school.  It is busy
but not that busy.  Very little comes from Fargo Avenue to the
school.    I do not feel it is fair to penalize us since they did not
take advantage when they could have had a lower cost.  We have quite a
burden to pay for our own streets and some of us live on fixed incomes
and cannot stand an additional $3150.00.  This is not a good time to ask
people to do this in this economy when people are having a hard enough
time meeting their own bills and expenses.  I do hope you will take into
consideration the petitions and e-mail that are sent to you by the
people who will be affected by this.

Beverly S. Link
9146 Pinto Drive
Lake Worth, Fl. 33467