BCC Meeting 4-7-09


1.         Staff requests Board direction: regarding potential road paving projects in the Palm Beach Ranchettes, particularly Fargo Avenue, Pancho/El Paso and Arrowhead Drive. SUMMARY:  The Board has heard from one (1) resident, Mr. Schaller, previously relating to the paving of Fargo Avenue.  If the Board wishes to proceed with the project, a funding source and who should be assessed for the project must be addressed.  Mr. Schaller has never specifically discussed with the Board who should pay for the improvement to Fargo, but it is staff’s understanding that he would like the Board to assess 100% of the project cost to 180 properties (of the 450 in the Ranchettes) and not just assess the 12 properties that access Fargo.  The majority of the 14 residents along Pancho and El Paso also want the Board to find money to pay for their ½ mile of road paving – and they would prefer to limit their contributions to the amount most recently assessed in the neighborhood.  They have expressed frustration that the County might fund Fargo ahead of their roads since they had a standard County accepted petition since 2004, while Fargo has never produced a County petition.  The residents along a one mile section of Arrowhead have recently also expressed interest for the County to pave their road.  Staff believes that approximately $2 million would be required for these three projects.  However, the MSTU program monies are already fully committed over the next 3-4 years and there are not sufficient funds to add any new projects to the program.  The ten (10) projects in the MSTU program are expected to occur over the next few years as money becomes available to fund them.  Staff strongly recommends that if additional funds are provided to the program that the existing projects be advanced and any new projects such as these in the Ranchettes would move to the back of the program. Countywide (MRE)


Discussion starts at 125:15

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