April 05, 2009

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To: Jeff Koons; Addie Greene; Karen Marcus; Burt Aaronson; Jess Santamaria; Shelley Vana
Subject: Road paving concerns for 4/7/09 meeting

My name is Kelly Breffle and I live on Pancho Way in the Palm Beach Ranchettes. I am writing this letter today to express my concerns and questions regarding the paving, or the not paving of our road. I am a teacher and therefore do not wish to take a day away from my students to attend this re-scheduled meeting.

It is my understanding that our two roads, El Paso and Pancho Way were approved for paving in 2004. We had more than the 51% needed on our petition. In 2006, city water was being put in our “development” and the county used the area alongside the El Paso canal as storage for the heavy equipment and large pipes that were being used in the project. Prior to the start of this project, we had collected money from the people living on these 2 roads and had brought in new shell rock to help maintain the road until the paving was done. When the heavy trucks and machinery began going up and down our road everyday, the road took a lot of wear and tear. We were told by someone in the water department that El Paso would be “fixed” when the project was completed. That never happened! We called and got the run around as far as who was exactly the correct person to contact and complain that our road was never fixed after the water mains were put in. We were finally told, after months of trying to get an answer, that the budget for that project was “closed” and there was no way they could get the required money to come in and fix the road! The county representative told us it was not their problem and the water company told us they weren’t paid any money to fix the road. We were stuck with having to do it ourselves!

In the meantime, we were thinking that soon our road would be paved and ultimately, road problem solved! Then we received the notice that the cost of paving the road was going up significantly. With the new “water assessment” we had just gained, my husband and I decided it was too much money. Several months later, we heard that the cost of materials needed for paving roads was going back down. I called the county and was told, in fact that, that was true. I was told on the phone that our road had at least the required 51% and that we should let them know that we were interested again, seeing that the price would be lower. Several people on our 2 roads called to let your office know that we were interested as a group to see what the new price of paving would be, but we NEVER received another petition from the county. Our neighbor, Sandy Parker, has been in contact with Mr. Rich and lately, Tanya, to get information to us as to what is happening with our roads. It seems as though there is a missing link somewhere in all of this, and I am confused as to why I am hearing that Fargo has been approved for paving, when they never even petitioned, and that our 2 roads have somehow been “dropped” without our knowledge. I feel we followed the protocol set forth by the county to pave these two roads, El Paso and Pancho Way. I feel we have been unfairly denied the opportunity for paving. I feel we have been neglected twice. Once, after our road was destroyed after the water mains were put in, and now, because we are being told that we were approved for road paving in 2004, but now there is no money. My question is this . . . .what happened to the money that was set aside from the county to pave these roads in 2004? Yes, we felt we could not afford to pave the road with the 300% plus increase in 2007, but initially, we petitioned and agreed to the price set up in 2004. I feel the few roads that originally petitioned for paving should be given the same consideration that our neighbors received to have their roads paved recently. In 2004, Palm Beach County agreed to pay 50% of the road paving project. The money WAS in your budget then, and it was not used for this project. Where is that money? We petitioned and agreed in 2004. Prices went up 3 years later! Why wasn’t our road even paved before 2007? Should we be neglected because the county wasn’t able to do the road paving project in a timely manner? Shouldn’t we receive the recognition for our initial agreement? I believe, in fairness, that we should! My letter is in hopes that you believe that too.

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Kelly L. Breffle
Palm Beach County Kindergarten Teacher

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