April 7, 2009

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Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2009 7:53 AM
To: George Webb; Michael Marquis; Addie Greene; aaronson@pbcgov.org; Jeff Koons; Jess Santamaria; Karen Marcus; Shelley Vana; Steven Abrams

Good morning-

I am responding to the notice sent to homeowners that reside in Palm Beach Ranchettes west of Frontier on El Paso Drive.

I am not in favor of El Paso residents paying for the pavement of Fargo Road. Since the pavement of El Paso, traffic has increased with residents from Fargo driving on El Paso. I do not recall the County imposing any fees or asking them to absorb any costs for driving on El Paso and they are enjoying the convenience of a road we are paying for.

I reside in the home located at the corner of Frontier and El Paso Roads (9023 El Paso Drive) immediately accross from the bridge leading to Discovery Key Elementary. I have absolutely never seen cars backed up to Fargo Rd. If anyone from your office has been out there before or after school, it would take at a minimum 50+ cars to back up from Frontier to Fargo on El Paso and for as many years as the school has been opened this has never occurred. Even with the guard rail up, there is never a back up to Fargo. I know this because they all park along side my home on Frontier, drop off their kids off at the bridge, or are now driving over to drop off their kids in the car loop at Discovery Key. At 7:45am on Monday morning there were only 2 cars outside.

In my opinion the condition of Fargo Road is an inconvenience to the residents of that road, not El Paso residents. We have already done our job in attending meetings, petitioning, and now paying for the pavement of El Paso road and it logically does not make any sense for us to pay for any further pavements. Fargo road is considered a “backroad” and would not be used by many.

Thank you,

Haimattie Shivcharran

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