March 28, 2009

From: Sandy Parker []
Sent: Saturday, March 28, 2009 4:03 PM
To: Jess Santamaria; Addie Greene; Burt Aaronson; Cathy Stewart; Jeff Koons; Karen Marcus; Shelley Vana; Tanya McConnell N.

Commisstioner Santamaria,

I received your letter dated March 25, 2009 today. Thank you for responding to my emails and phone calls. In response I would like to comment on several of the answers that you have given me. The first one being that yes we did have fifty one percent when we collected the petitions for our road as did El Paso and & Yearling. I believe but am not sure that Pinto and Rodeo petitioned to have their roads done after we did. Nevertheless all of the roads that petitioned for paving received a letter from the county and the amount would have been approximately $27,000.00. At that time we all responded a resounding no. The residents in this neighborhood are middle class hard working people and we all felt this was a ridiculous amount including the roads ( El Paso, Yearling, Rodeo, and Pinto,) west of Blanchette. I know for a fact after having asked a good 30 or forty residents on that side that they voted no and that the county did not have the fifty one percent at $27,000.00. After that time all of us thought it was a dead issue and then all of a sudden the county sent out new petitions to the west roads of Blanchette Trail and offered them an amount of aprroximately $7,400.00 per house. If they did not have the 51% as I am now being told even by the county that they didn’t then why were their road not taken off the MTSU as you are stating that ours was. I am not sure exactly what happened but from what I can tell somebody someone at the county made a big mistake by not including us in this petition. It can’t be both ways in that the 51 percent was not obtained from any of the roads but only we were taken off the MTSU and they werent it doesn’t make any sense that they got their roads done and we didn’t. Secondly I wrote Mr. Webb that if their is no money in the MTSU how I would like to know are you going to allow Fargo a road that never ever petitioned for their road to be paved to have that done at this time. If anyone should have this process reversed it is El Paso and Pancho Way and I don’t see how anyone could see it any differently or in anyway think that would be fair. Including the commissioners or the Road and Engineering Department. I hope you will give a lot of thought to all of this and realize that fair is fair and we on El Paso and Pancho Way were not given the chance we should have been to have our roads done. I have asked Tanya McConnell to show me the petitions for the 51 percent for the $27,000.00 on the west side and I know that won’t happen because that is not when they got the 51 percent. They received that after this last petition for $7,400.00 was sent out.

In closing I hope that I will hear back from you before the April 7th meeting and most of all I would like to know about how you and the other commissioners were able to give approval to Fargo when their is on money for us in the MTSU, our roads should never have been taken off the MTSU if the other roads werent and according to Mr Webb no more petitions are being accepted to have any roads paved. I think you can understand why I and all of the residents on this side of Blanchette are upset about this entire situation. And as I stated above I believe if I am not mistaken that Rodeo and Pinto even petitioned after we did. Nobody is stating the true facts and these facts need to be brought out in the open and dealt with in a fair and honest forum.

Thank you,
Sandy Parker

Thank you,
Sandy Parker

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