February 5, 2009

From: Sandy Parker
Date: Thursday, February 05, 2009 8:29 AM
To: Jess Santamaria
Subject: Palm Beach Ranchettes Roads email sent originally sent 1-16-09

Dear Sir I am resending this email as I have not heard back from you and since that time I understand that there is going to be a community meeting. I would appreciate it if you could please let me know when this is going to be. I would appreciate hearing back asap as this is a matter that myself and all our neighbors are very concerned about and would like to have some resolution to in the hope that we will be able to have our roads paved. I appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Sandy Parker

Dear Sir,

I am writing to try and get your help with paving the east side of Blanchette Trail in Palm Beach Ranchettes. My name is Sandy Parker and my husband and I have lived in this development for 26 years. We petitioned to have our roads on the east side of Blanchette paved several years ago. We had enough of a percentage to have this passed and were told that the paving was approved. The last letter we received from the county stated that the roads were going to cost approximately $20,000.00. Naturally almost everyone including a large percentage of people on the west side signed the petition no and sent it back. I know many people on the west side and were told that a gentleman named Bobby found out that they could get the roads done cheaper and went around with new petitions and had them signed. We feel that basically the county is dividing our neighborhood. One side paved roads and the other dirt. Me personally after having lived out here for 26 years we are tired of driving on dirt roads and feel we were not treated fairly in this matter. Also recently I heard that Lyons and Fargo on the west side had a meeting with yourself and they are now getting their roads paved. We just feel that if it was offered to one section of our neighborhood it should have been offered to both. We would like to set up a meeting with you and several of the neighbors around us to discuss this matter. I would sincerely appreciate hearing back from you as soon as possible. My address out there is 3473 Pancho Way. You can reach me via email at sandyjparke@hotmail.com or at phone #s cell 561-719-9164 residence and office 561-967-5734 or my husbands cell 561-719-9162.

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