March 25, 2009

From: Sandy Parker
To: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 8:35 AM
Date: Karen Marcus ; Addie Greene ; Burt Aaronson ; Shelley Vana ; Jeff Koons ; Jess Santamaria
Subject: FW: (See below)

Commissioners please see copy of email to Tanya McConnell concerning paving of El Paso Dr. and Pancho Way in Palm Beach Ranchettes.

Thank you,
Sandy Parker

Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 07:24:09 -0500

Good morning Tanya,
Remember when you and I talked and you said that the petitions that were signed for the 51%
were for the $27,000.00. I have gotten in touch with several of my neighbors and they assured me that the attached petition that I am sending you was the one sent out by Palm Beach County and the one that the gentleman on Yearling made sure that he took and got signed to be able to have the 51%. We were never sent this letter from Michael Marquis but I knew that I had heard several people say that their was another petition after the $27,000.00. Since I spoke to you I have tried to contact as many people in my neighborhood as possible an they all tell me the same thing. I know that he barely did get the 51% needed as some people because of the economy did not want to add that burden on at this paticular time. I can get more copies of this signed petition if you need them. I am sorry to keep bothering you with this and of course we will still plan on being at the meeting on April 7. I will try and give you a call later just to check that you got this. Oh and I was told to let you know that I have Bunco this month and nobody is coming cause they don’t want to drive on my dirt road. Especially the people on the west side of Blanchette Trail. Ha Ha!!

Thank you for everything

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