April 03, 2009

From: C. Berger <cberg_er@yahoo.com>

Date: Friday, April 03, 2009 12:02 PM

To: George Webb <GWebb@pbcgov.org>; Michael Marquis <MMarquis@pbcgov.org>; Addie Greene <AGreene@pbcgov.org>; Burt Aaronson <BAaronso@pbcgov.org>; Jeff  Koons <JKoons@pbcgov.org>; Jess Santamaria <JSantama@pbcgov.org>; Karen Marcus <KMarcus@pbcgov.org>; Shelley Vana <SVana@pbcgov.org>; Steven Abrams <SAbrams@pbcgov.org>

Subject: Ranchettes Paving

RE:  regarding potential road paving projects in the Palm Beach Ranchettes, particularly Fargo Avenue–
        page 35 PBC agenda meeting for April 7th, 2009

Dear Commissioners:

We on Pinto, El Paso,  and Rodeo have just paid $7400.00 for paving of our streets.  Fargo is only one of three access roads for our homes. We prefer to use Lyons/Frontier Road or go east to Blanchette .  It is unfair to ask us to pay for Fargo when the residents on Fargo will not pay the initial amount that we paid.    Most of the school traffic uses Lyons/Frontier,  NOT Fargo.  Please ask the residents on Fargo to pay their fair share.  Thank you.

Carol Berger
9434 Pinto Dr.

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