April 03, 2009

From: Kellie Kahl <kelliekahl@yahoo.com>

Date: Friday, April 03, 2009 8:28 PM

To: George Webb <GWebb@pbcgov.org>; Michael Marquis <MMarquis@pbcgov.org>; Addie Greene <AGreene@pbcgov.org>; Burt Aaronson <BAaronso@pbcgov.org>; Jeff  Koons <JKoons@pbcgov.org>; Jess Santamaria <JSantama@pbcgov.org>; Karen Marcus <KMarcus@pbcgov.org>; Shelley Vana <SVana@pbcgov.org>; Steven Abrams <SAbrams@pbcgov.org>

CC: kkahl@palmbeacheyeclinic.com <kkahl@palmbeacheyeclinic.com>

Subject:Palm Beach Ranchettes, Fargo Ave. paving project

April 3, 2009
Board of County Commissioners
Palm Beach County
301 N. Olive Ave.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Att: Commissioners
Re: The Paving of Fargo Ave. in
Palm Beach Ranchetts
We as property owners of Palm Beach Ranchetts, who have already had our roads paved at $7400.00 each, would like to voice our concerns regarding the proposed additional cost to said property owners of $3150.00 for the paving of Fargo Ave.
1. The property owners of Fargo Ave. have avoided the voting process for their road knowing about the paving project on East/West roads for several years. They feel that Fargo is an access road and should be paved at the expense of other Palm Beach Ranchette property owners or should be done for free. It seems only reasonable and fair that Fargo owners should pay equal expenses as all other propety owners of Palm Beach Ranchetts have already incurred and should not be charged anything additional to our current agreement of $7400.00.
2. Fargo Ave. property owners have NOT already paid $7400.00 for OUR roads, so why should we pay any amount even $1.00 for thier road?
3. This whoule project has been handeled unapproprately, sneaky & without the respect of other Palm Beach Ranchette property owners who already are paying $7400.00 for OUR share of OUR OWN road.
4. One thought was to block off Fargo Ave. as it is not an access road, we all can go out another direction & put this mess to rest. We really cannot use emergency services as a reason not to block it off because ther are many other ways into all roads in this neighborhood. Now that these other roads are paved, it is very easy & quick entry to all roads.
5. To use the school (Discovery Key) as a reason for all other property owners to absorb this $3150.00 is rediculous. We have been here in Palm Beach Ranchetts since 1986 and feel that our neighborhood should NOT be a “shortcut” for outside residents to come in to take thier children to school.

6. This whole Palm Beach Ranchetts road project has caused significant arguments, disagreements & unecessary turmoil amoung long time neighbors and friends.


We do not believe that most property owners in this neighborhood have another $3150.00 to put out of thier pockets after recently putting out $12,000.00 for water and $7400.00 for our own roads. Please consider these above concerns duirng your meeting that has been scheduled when most of us are working to pay for the current fees and cannot attend the meeting.
Kerry & Kellie Kahl
9435 Pinto Drive
Lake Worth (Palm Beach Ranchetts), FL 33467


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