April 05, 2009

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To: George Webb; Maarquis@pbcgov.org; agreen@pbcgov.org; baaronso@pgcgov.org; Jess Santamaria; Karen Marcus; Shelley Vana; Steven Abrams


We are writing you in reference to purposal reference the paving of Fargo Avenue from Arrowhead Dr to El Paso Dr. All properties West of Lyons Rd (Frontier)    

We live on the west end of El Paso Dr.  I have heard that someone has stated that the traffic for Discovery Key Elementry backs up all the way up and down our road and that Fargo is a main access road.  This is untrue.  We have lived in the area since 1984 and since the school has been built people do use El Paso as a drop off for their children.  Some do not even live in this area.  El Paso is mainly used from parties coming up off of Blanchette Rd which is a public access road.  Now that we have paved El Paso Dr and incurred the fees.  People that live on Fargo Rd are using El Paso as their access road to Blanchette.  If anyone should be given a break it should be the residents on El Paso Rd.   

As stated previously yes El Paso Rd is used as a drop off area.  No the traffic is not backed up all the way east to Blanchette and West to Fargo.   We feel that if the residents of Fargo Ave are wanting their road paved it should be at their expense not ours as we have paid / paved they way for them.     Sincerly Valerie & James Buckley


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