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Rural Palm Beach County residents to get a say in road paving

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

WEST PALM BEACH — Palm Beach County traffic engineers will ask all 425 homeowners in the Palm Beach Ranchettes community whether they want to pay to pave the rest of the neighborhood’s dirt roads.

Several streets in the rural neighborhood west of Florida’s Turnpike and north of Lake Worth Road have already been paved.
Some residents on the remaining dirt roads say they want the county to pave their streets, too.

The commission was to consider today whether to move forward with the paving of sections of four streets in the neighborhood, but after hearing from more than a dozen residents the board voted to ask the entire community whether people want all their streets paved.

Under the plan, the community would pay the entire expense of the paving project, which County Engineer George Webb estimated could cost as much as $5 million.

Residents living on unpaved streets would each be assessed $7,500 for the project. That money would be applied to the price tag. The remaining cost would be divided among all 425 homeowners equally.

Those living along the community’s paved streets have already been assessed $7,500 for the roadwork in front of their homes.

And all of the community’s residents have paid to bring county water and sewer lines to the neighborhood.

In order for the paving project to move forward, 51 percent of the homeowners must sign off on the assessment.


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