Email read at 4-21-09 BCC Meeting


I just took these pictures minutes ago. As you can see, Fargo has drainage issues. Given the fact that the amount of rain we had last night is a normal amount of rain, can you imagine what the problems would be if the rainfall was “significant”?

This is the northern section of Fargo this morning after last night’s rain. The entire road needs to have the drainage corrected. The recently paved Yearling and the previously paved Pinion both drain water into Fargo. The current water ditch system is inadequate to handle this water.

April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009



This is a section of the southern portion of Fargo. This is between El Paso and Pinto. Both of these two roads were just paved and have a higher elevation than the non-paved area. The water has nowhere to go but to overflow into property owner’s yards.

April 21,2009

April 21,2009

Please choose Mr. Webb’s Option B with one modification, pave Fargo in its’ entirety.

Thank you.

Andy Schaller


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