April 21, 2009

From: Andy [mailto:andy@upinarms.net]
Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 11:56 PM
To: ‘BCC-AllCommissioners@pbcgov.com’
Cc: ‘RWeisman@pbcgov.org’
Subject: Fargo Avenue/False statements

Commissioner Koons,

After the conclusion of today’s BCC Meeting, I told you that statements made by the Deputy Engineer, Tanya McConell were blatantly and patently false. Ms. McConell is either unaware of what is going on with Fargo Avenue or she has deliberately made false statements to the Board . Perhaps both possibilities are true. Here are the recorded facts that dispute Ms. McConnell’s statements:

“Aren’t you making drainage improvements on Fargo now?” (Commissioner Marcus, BCC Meeting 4-21-2009)

“No there are no drainage improvements on Fargo now.” (Ms. McConnell, BCC Meeting 4-21-2009)

“To help from the drainage that’s coming from the roads that got paved? (Commissioner Marcus, BCC Meeting 4-21-2009)

“We have shot the elevations and the drainage flows correctly.” (Ms. McConnell, BCC Meeting 4-21-2009)

Here is the proof of false statements:

1.“…we can use the money that we already have in the program to address some of the drainage issues on Fargo caused by the east/west roads…” (George Webb, BCC Meeting 4-7-09 1:45:47)

2. “…we are going to do drainage improvements along Fargo for those four roads to address drainage issues created by the paving of those four roads…”
(George Webb, BCC Meeting 4-7-09 1:45:47)

3. “…Drainage improvements in the Fargo right way should have been included in the current Ranchette project to address the water flowing from the east/west roads into Fargo. Those improvements are required and will be installed. Funding exists in the current Ranchette assessment to pay for these drainage modifications without increasing the current assessment. In total, these funds will be sufficient to construct Fargo…”
(AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY BCC Meeting April 7, 2009, Item # 5 C – 1)

4. “…We will also use available assessment monies to address drainage issues on Fargo associated with the current project…” (George Webb, BCC Meeting 4-7-09 PowerPoint slide show.)

5. “…I understand the contractor did do base work in the intersections. I see this is a plus for you in considering where this might end up. I am still talking to Mr. Webb about this situation and options to deal with it…” ( Bob Weisman, email 4-1-09 referencing the drainage issue on Fargo caused by the east/west road paving.)

Commissioner, I can give you a lot more examples of the false information that Staff has provided to you and expected you to make an informed decision based upon those inaccuracies. You denied my request for more than the allowable three minutes at the last Board Meeting (April 21, 2009). Respectfully sir, you have not heard the whole truth on this issue and it has gotten way out of hand.

Prior to you becoming Chairman of this Board, you asked the Staff to give a best effort try to resolve this issue quickly. That did not happen. Now that you are Chairman, I implore you to allow me to explain this situation in full to you in a personal meeting. I have been appearing before you for over a year now, met with other commissioners, met with Mr. Webb, Ms. McConnell, Michael Marquis and spoke and emailed with Mr. Weisman. Why have I spent so much effort? Because a great injustice is being done to us taxpayers, the people who elected each one of you and it is continuing on your watch. After one year my patience with this issue is definitely running out.

If you condone the County Engineer offering to and spending $170,000+ of taxpayer’s money in order to cover up his department’s mistake and then turn around and deny other owners the same opportunity and equal benefit, then as Chairman of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, what message do you think the public is receiving?

My website www.upinarms.net has all of the public information on this topic I can find. It is updated continuously and it paints the most accurate picture of this situation you will find. I will call your office to schedule a meeting before the next BCC Meeting. Please find the time to meet with me, as other Commissioners have, in an effort to resolve this issue fairly and equally.


Andy Schaller

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