“There’s nothing secret…” Bob Weisman

The Ranchettes will be back on the BCC Agenda for June 2, 2009. Engineering was given direction at the May 5, 2009 BCC Meeting to bring back solutions and costs for paving in the Ranchettes. During this Board Meeting, the Ranchettes received the strongest backing to date from the Commissioners. It really sounds like the Board is behind us and their support is greatly appreciated! Please email and or call all of the Commissioners and thank them for their continued support.

The PDF File below contains the most complete information I could find on the Engineering Department’s handling of the Rodeo Drive solicitation into the MSTU program 15 months after the Board closed the program to new petitions. This is most important because all other property owners were denied the opportunity to have their road paved at a cost of 50% to the property owner and 50% paid for by the County. Engineering was publicly saying no new roads but privately soliciting new petitions against the Board’s December 2006 decision. Mr. Weisman, the County Administrator, promised full disclosure of who was directly and ultimately responsible for circumventing the Board and spending $170,000 of non-Board approved funds on new MSTU petitions in March of 2008. “There’s nothing secret about what happened here”, said Mr. Weisman. The decision was made over 14 months ago. Why does it take another month to answer the question of responsibility?

(This file is 12.24 megs and will take time to load. Please be patient.)

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