“The Board Approved the assessment…”

In 2008, the Engineering Department prepared for four Ranchettes roads to be paved and realized that Rodeo Drive was designed from Blanchette to Fargo in error. Rodeo was only supposed to be designed from Blanchette to Frontier (Lyons Road) because the portion of Frontier (Lyons Road) to Fargo was never petitioned. Pinto Drive was mistakenly designed only from Blanchette to Frontier (Lyons Road) instead of all the way to Fargo. Engineering decided to “expedite” petitions to 24 property owners on Rodeo and spend $170,000 of non-Board approved funds to “correct” this error. Rodeo was moved to the front of the MSTU line.

During the 5-19-09 BCC Meeting, Mr. Weisman said the Board approved the assessment for the portion of Rodeo Drive from Frontier (Lyons Road) to Fargo, to be added into the MSTU program. In actuallity the Board did vote to pave this portion of Rodeo because it was submitted to the Board in error. The Board was asked for approval to pave 3 1/2 roads from Blanchette to Fargo. Pinto was submitted for paving approval only from Blanchette to Frontier even though it was petitioned and designed all the way to Fargo. So techinically Pinto from Frontier to Fargo was paved without Board approval. However, Engineering solicited Rodeo Drive from Frontier to Fargo into the MSTU programm at an additional cost of $170,000 to taxpayers 15 months after the MSTU program was closed.

Anyway you look at it, 24 property owners were given preferential treatment to have 50% of their road paving costs paid for by the County. This happened at the same time the County was denying other neighborhood roads the same opportunity for equal treatment.

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