“…why all roads here were not paved”

From: Sherry Laufersweiler [mailto:draperydesign@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, June 01, 2009 7:10 AM
To: Up In Arms Forum
Subject: Re: Up In Arms Forum: BCC Meeting 6-2-09

I live on Arrowhead and cannot understand why all roads here were not paved. I called roads dept to ask why and was told they petitioned in 2002 and there was not enough interest. Unlike the water they never asked again. I’m not sure how many new homes have been built since then, but I think if asked now there would be a different reply.I was surprised at the letters sent recently and a few days later saying ignore the first lettert. I’m sure this alone came as a cost to taxpayers. Commisioners need to get on the same page and work efficently to correct this problem. Wouldn’t a time in the early evening be better for a meeting so more of us working people could attend? Thank You Sherry Laufersweiler

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