Say What?

“The big wheel comes around.” In this case it is the big wheel of truth! In the Item Summary (6F2) for tomorrow’s BCC Meeting, Staff finally tells the whole truth (almost). Staff has done a complete reversal on most everything previously presented to the Board as fact. Here are a few highlights:

April – Drainage negatively impacted Fargo because of the east/west pavings.
June – No it didn’t…. We helped Fargo!

April – We have left over funds from the currecnt projects to fix Fargo drainage.
June – No we don’t… It cost more than we thought.

April – We were right to petition Fargo exactly as we did when we did.
June – We should have told the Board and had more oversight.

These are just a few of the many reversals. The story continues to unfold. The full item review is here:
6-2-09 BCC Agenda Item 6F2

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