Unanimous BCC Approval


Thank you all very much for your unanimous support today. I thank you and my neighbors on Fargo thank you. This portion of road needed your help badly and now will benefit many.

This is my first issue before the Board and I have learned a lot. The most important thing I learned was that many good and caring people work for the County. Nearly everyone I spoke with concerning this issue was helpful, professional, caring and seemed to be a generally nice person. This includes everyone from Staff to workers in the field. I did my best to tell everyone that I appreciated their professional efforts and thanks for their help.

Commissioner Santamaria,

From day one of this issue you have been most accessible and have extended every professional and personable courtesy to me. Your assistant Johnnie has been wonderful! You couldn’t ask for better. Thank you to both of you for one year’s worth of professionalism, caring and concern.

Commissioner Marcus,

You came to our neighborhood road meeting in 1998 and came to our aid in 2009. Not only did you take time to meet with me and give me ample time to explain myself but you also personally returned my telephone call.
Additionally, Cindy was very nice and courteous to me. Thank you for caring and for your support.

Commissioner Vana,

As one of the new Commissioners that was new to this issue, your support came quickly and completely. The first time I called your office to speak with you, I was given a time to expect your return call and you did respond at that time. During our meeting, your interest and caring was evident and much appreciated. Danna really took an interest and came out to see the road situation first hand. Her efforts are most appreciated as well. Quianna is a professional and friendly voice in your office. Thanks to all.

Commissioner Abrams,

Lucia spent about 35 minutes of her day with me when I did not have a scheduled appointment. I was there to see another commissioner and she gave me time before and after my other appointment. She was both professional and courteous as well as nice to me. I thank her for her time.

Mr. Weisman,

For your help and oversight in this matter, all Ranchettes owners who will benefit from this additional paving project, say Thank You.

Mr. Webb,

I am thankful we now have a resolution to this issue. This plan is the best solution for all of us that own property on Fargo or use Fargo to get to our properties. Michael Marquis provided me with the construction plans, supporting documents and information concerning the Ranchettes. He has been great to work with and most helpful.

Thank you again and see you next time…


Andy Schaller

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