June 17, 2009 District Forum

From: Andrew F. Schaller [mailto:andy@upinarms.net]
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 12:31 PM
To: ‘Robert Weisman’
Cc: ‘George Webb’; ‘jsantama@pbcgov.org’
Subject: RE: Fargo Avenue Assessments

Thank you for your email. I was aware of their attendance. It is my understanding that the County is using the normal policy as stated by Deputy Engineer Tanya McConnell to the Board, to asses all users. Further it is my understanding that the Board has the right under the ordinance to not petition anyone. So it’s my guess that the focus of their feelings must be in the way that the County has handled this situation from the start. I’m sure the first petitions sent out to approximately 170 property owners at twice the cost of the Board’s recent decision for the County recommended 240 or so property owners has caused many to have questions. Additionally you have stated publicly that mistakes have been made and that your opinion was that another road deserved paving more than Fargo.

Anyone who has followed this situation has heard conflicting opinions from Staff, a promise for full disclosure, and many, many unfounded claims and accusations by lesser informed individuals.. The best effort I could come up with to help everyone was to mount the best public effort I could with a website and personal conversations. Honestly, I am not surprised that property owners are now speaking up. This issue has had so many twists and turns and has continued for so long that many thought that whatever is decided or presented by Staff will change by the next meeting. These thoughts are backed up by the facts. Some are counting that this decision will be business as usual and par for the course. The Board made a decision on June 2, 2009 based upon information provided by County departments, homeowners and even yourself who said you were fine with the motion.

This should be a good lesson for everyone when dealing with property owners and how Engineering’s decisions can have a long reaching impact on many.

From: Robert Weisman [mailto:RWeisman@pbcgov.org]
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 9:55 AM
To: Andrew F. Schaller
Cc: George Webb; Tanya McConnell N.; Marlene Everitt R.; Denise Nieman; Chuck Suits; Johnnie Easton; Robert Weisman
Subject: Fargo Avenue Assessments

Mr. Schaller, please be advised that approximately 20 Ranchette property owners who would be assessed for Fargo Avenue appeared at Commissioner Santamaria’s District Forum last night in Wellington. Generally, they objected to the Commissioner that they did not have the right to vote on the proposed assessment and that they did not use Fargo and should not be assessed for it.
They intend to appear at the County Commission on July 7, at 2 PM, under Matters by the Public, to ask the Board to reconsider.

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