Why should I pay for Fargo?

From: Andy [mailto:andy@upinarms.net]
Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2009 8:55 AM
To: ‘BCC-AllCommissioner@pbcgov.org’
Cc: ‘Rweisman@pbcgov.org’; ‘GWebb@pbcgov.org’
Subject: Fargo Avenue : Why Should I pay?


You are hearing from some Ranchettes owners that they never use Fargo and should not have to pay for the paving. To them I offer the following using their logic:

I have paid County taxes for 19 years on my Ranchettes property and for 10 years on multiple County properties. My hard earned tax dollars have been paying for:

County Roads: I have never had a County road in front of my properties so I need a refund for the last 19 years.

Schools: I don’t have children and probably never will so I’m going to not only need my money back and I won’t be paying in the future.

Library: I have the internet and no children so I’m going to need the money back and I won’t be paying in the future.

Fire Rescue: I have never had a fire or medical emergency so I am going to need the money back and I won’t be paying in the future.

County Parks: I have no children who play baseball, softball, football, tennis, basketball, soccer or play golf on a County public course so am going to need the money back and I won’t be paying in the future. If I personally want those services I can join a private facility. Note: I do have a boat and you will be charging me a boat launch fee on a pay per use basis.

County Debit: I won’t ever personally use Mecca Farms for anything so I am going to need the money back and I won’t be paying in the future.

Health Care: I have private insurance that I pay for so I am going to need the money back and I won’t be paying in the future.

Public Transit: I own vehicles that I pay County taxes for and do not use public transportation so I am going to need the money back and I won’t be paying in the future.

Everglades: I didn’t cause the problem so I am going to need the money back and I won’t be paying in the future.

The list can go on and on. Some Ranchettes owners work for the County in the above mentioned areas and seeing how my tax dollars have paid for their salaries for the last 19 years they personally owe me a refund and should expect a pay cut as a result of me not paying future taxes . Also any Ranchettes owner who has had a child in public school over the last 19 years or who will ever have a child in public school owes me a refund. Any Ranchettes owner who over the last 19 years has ever called Fire Rescue, had a child play sports at a County facility, saw the school nurse, rode the bus, went to the library or will ever have a child participate in any public activities owes me a refund. While we are at it, Engineering management owes the Ranchettes about $50, 000 for the delay in Fargo paving according to Tanya Mc Connell’s statements to the Board.

To say that Fargo does not benefit any of the east/west roads is to say that not only do you not use Fargo now but neither you nor anyone associated with your property now or forever in the future will ever use Fargo. This includes Fire Rescue or the Sherriff’s Department that might need the fastest route to your property, the delivery company, any worker who comes to your property, anyone who will visit your property, pick up or drop off your child and so on. I and many others could very easily say that my property was assessed for Blanchette Trail in the 1980’s unfairly. Why should I have been charged for a few hundred feet of road that I would travel that is in front of someone else’s house only to have to drive a mile east on a dirt road to reach my house. The amount of times I have traveled the 1 mile east or west on my formerly dirt road totals maybe a couple of handfuls in the last 19 years. The road was too bad. It was easier to travel a few hundred feet north on Fargo and to access the paved road Palomino. Now that Rodeo is paved I have probably used it more in the first month than I did in the first 19 years. The natural flow is to head in the direction of travel. Since Rodeo was paved, thank you Mr. Webb, I have seen neighbors from the entire paved length driving, walking, riding bicycles, skateboarding, rollerblading and a host of service traffic utilizing the pavement. Some owners have argued to the Board that lack of pavement on their street is negatively impacting their property value. For most perspective buyers, I would guess, continuous road pavement to and from their driveways would not be a drawback.

To you the Commissioners, I offer the following:

The United States and this County is a Republic. We elect officials to act in our best interest for the present and for our future. As a Board you unanimously voted to petition the 13 property owners on Fargo. To my knowledge you have at least a 70% response in favor, YES votes, of paving Fargo. This road was deemed to have been a benefit to a number of properties and the County has a history of assessing “all users” according to Tanya Mc Connell. The reason we are in this mess is because the Engineering did not follow the normal County practice for road design as it would have negatively impacted Fargo with 9 pavement changes in a 12 lot distance. Engineering, according to Mr. Weisman, has made mistakes in handling the Ranchettes paving process. Now the Board has unanimously approved a plan to correct some of these mistakes. I ask now as I have in the past that you apply the normal County procedures as it relates to property assessments and paving Fargo Avenue. I would also be extremely thankful if you found County funds to help Ranchettes owners with the paving costs.

This is a logical decision that you have made, not an emotional one. If we are going to run this County on emotions, I have many County decisions that I never had a vote in that I would like to have overturned. Remember this is a Republic.

Andy Schaller

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