Santamaria Can’t Produce Tapes

From: Andy []
Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 4:36 PM

To: ‘Jess Santamaria’; ‘’; ‘George Webb’; ‘’
Cc: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’

Subject: RE: Commissioner Santamaria’s Meeting Tapes


You wrote, “Since you seem to have such a good memory of past events…” Thank you for once again for acknowledging the accuracy of my well documented recount of the facts concerning this issue. This along with your BCC comment of, “Those of you who have read Mr. Schaller’s memo to all of us, [the BCC] all of his statements are in fact accurate” reinforces my position of the last nearly 18 months.

There is a certain amount of trust that a member of the public should have when meeting with an elected official. Trust that the public statements made repeatedly by that official are in fact accurate and true. Never once in all the times I have heard you say publicly that you tape all of your meetings did I ever get the benefit of a disclaimer from you describing what your definition of the word “all” is. How would a member of the public know how and when your statements would apply to them? Where should the public would go to find your disclaimers?

The meeting on July 21, 2008 was not an impromptu meeting. It was scheduled well in advance. As a matter of fact I was out of town prior to the meeting and drove over 1000 miles to be there on time and prepared. I took for granted that an elected official would too be prepared for a meeting that would lead to the changing of a County Ordinance at your suggestion. Since I am not a paid representative of any interest with motive for a financial gain, I was not afforded the same accountability practices of some of your other meetings. Am I to believe your “ALWAYS LET THE SUNSHINE IN !” expression means that some meetings you wish not to be aired in the light of day? Or, that a meeting with the average citizen that you represent does not rise to the level of importance as a special interest?

Commissioner I cannot be expected to recall events that I was never privy to. You never consulted me on your recording equipment or practices. I just took you at your word. I agree that any future meetings we have should be recorded to avoid any problems in accuracy. However, all BCC Meetings are recorded and you seem to ignore the recorded facts that were laid out for all the word to see and hear. They are available for you on the County’s website or at

Andy Schaller


From: Jess Santamaria []

Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 12:01 PM

To: Andy; BCC-All Commissioners; Robert Weisman; George Webb

Cc:;;;;; Marlene Everitt R.

Subject: RE: Commissioner Santamaria’s Meeting Tapes

Mr. Schaller:

Since you seem to have such a good memory of past events, you certainly should remember that there were no tape recorders of any kind during any of your meetings in my office, including the meetings with George Webb on July 21, 2008 and December 16, 2008 as stated in your 8/27/09 email. The tape recorder is always highly visible in the center of the persons in attendance, if in fact, a tape recorder is used!

My policy on tape recording meetings is primarily to tape record my meetings with special interests of individuals and/or business entities (such as developers, builders, land buyers or sellers, lobbyists, etc.) who have applications that will appear before the entire PBC Commissioners for approval or disapproval, usually involving substantial financial gain to the applicant. In my opinion, the Fargo road paving does not belong in this category. Unless of course, if you expect to gain a substantial appreciation of your property, if Fargo is paved! In the future, if you have I have any meetings, I will make sure our meetings are tape recorded with a copy of the recording provided to you.

Jess R. Santamaria
Palm Beach County Commissioner
District 6


From: Andy []

Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2009 2:28 AM

To: BCC-All Commissioners; Robert Weisman; George Webb


Subject: Commissioner Santamaria’s Meeting Tapes

Commissioner Santamaria,

I formally request that you provide me with copies of the tapes of our July 21, 2008 meeting with George Webb and our December 16, 2008 meeting, also with George Webb, that took place in your office. Your repeated public statements that you tape all of your meetings are also well documentedLet’s clear up the credibility issue once and for all. Produce the meetings tapes or further prove my credibility and your lack there of..


One more time Commissioner Jess Santamaria gets a history lesson in the events he was involved with. He is yet to disprove any of my well documented claims. Further, Santamaria hasn’t and or can’t produce the tapes of our meetings in his office despite his public pronouncements that he tapes every one of his meetings.

Commissioner Santamaria has never been able to disprove any of my written facts that are supported by videos of his own actions and his emails and memos that I have documented on this site. It seems easier for Santamaria to shoot the messenger rather than to address the issues.

Santamaria is a major advertiser and the landlord of a local newspaper. It would be easy to see how a newspaper could use it’s editorial power to present a story in the best possible light, keeping their own best interest in mind. Should this happen, it would be a blatant and gross misuse of power and a further promotion of the lack of trust people of this county have with issues involving public officials.

Let’s see if Commissioner Santamaria takes the high road, produces the meetings tapes he claims he has and stops ignoring the well documented truth.

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