BCC Meeting 12-2-08

6.D.                 ENGINEERING & PUBLIC WORKS 


 APPROVED: on preliminary reading and advertise for Public Hearing on December 16, 2008 at 9:30 a.m., an Ordinance amending Palm Beach County Code Chapter 26, Article II,  known as the Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) Special Assessment Ordinance  (Ordinance 94-11 as amended);  amending Section 26-17, creation and purpose; amending Section 26-18, governing body of municipal service taxing unit; amending Section 26-19, powers; amending Section 26-20, funding; amending Section 26-21, budget adoption; amending Section 26-22, trust funds; amending Section 26-23, improvements; amending Section 26-24, special assessments; amending Section 26-29, percentage of costs, further procedures; providing for savings clause; providing for repeal of laws in conflict; providing for severability; providing for inclusion in the Code of Laws and Ordinances; providing for captions; providing for effective date. SUMMARY: The proposed Ordinance will amend Chapter 26, Article II, known as the Municipal Service Taxing Unit(MSTU) Special Assessment Ordinance (Ordinance 94-11 as amended) to merge the original six(6) MSTU into a single unit and to allow for assessments and collections of 100% of the costs of road improvements. Countywide (MRE)


Discussion starts at 2:40


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