BCC Meeting 12-16-08


 A)                                                                                                                 ORD 2008-063

 ADOPTED: an Ordinance of the Board of County Commissioners of Palm Beach County, Florida amending Palm Beach County Code Chapter 26, Article II,  known as the Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) Special Assessment Ordinance (Ordinance 94-11 as amended); amending Section 26-17, creation and purpose; amending Section 26-18, governing body of municipal service taxing units; amending Section 26-19, powers; amending Section 26-20, funding; amending Section 26-21, budget adoption; amending Section 26-22, trust funds; amending Section 26-23, improvements; amending Section 26-24, special assessments; amending Section 26-29, percentage of costs, further procedures; providing for savings clause; providing for repeal of laws in conflict; providing for severability; providing for inclusion in the Code of Laws and Ordinances; providing for captions; providing for effective date; and


 APPROVED: authorizing the Office of Financial Management and Budget to administratively combine the original six (6) funds into one (1) fund.

 SUMMARY: On December 2, 2008, the Board of County Commissioners held its preliminary reading of this Ordinance. The Ordinance will amend Chapter 26, Article II, known as the Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU) Special Assessment Ordinance  (Ordinance 94-11 as amended) to merge the original six (6) MSTU into a single unit and to allow for assessments and collections of 100% of the costs of road improvements. Countywide (MRE) (P.O.P. 3645704)


MOTION to adopt the ordinance and to approve the authorization. Motion by Commissioner Marcus, and seconded by Commissioner Greene.


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