“…why all roads here were not paved”

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From: Sherry Laufersweiler []
Sent: Monday, June 01, 2009 7:10 AM
To: Up In Arms Forum
Subject: Re: Up In Arms Forum: BCC Meeting 6-2-09

I live on Arrowhead and cannot understand why all roads here were not paved. I called roads dept to ask why and was told they petitioned in 2002 and there was not enough interest. Unlike the water they never asked again. I’m not sure how many new homes have been built since then, but I think if asked now there would be a different reply.I was surprised at the letters sent recently and a few days later saying ignore the first lettert. I’m sure this alone came as a cost to taxpayers. Commisioners need to get on the same page and work efficently to correct this problem. Wouldn’t a time in the early evening be better for a meeting so more of us working people could attend? Thank You Sherry Laufersweiler


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Subject: Re: Up In Arms Forum: BCC Meeting 6-2-09

I don’t think you want me there because I DON’T WANT THE ROADS PAVED.

From: Andy []
Sent: Monday, June 01, 2009 10:58 AM
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Subject: RE: Up In Arms Forum: BCC Meeting 6-2-09

Why not? You’re opinion counts as much as anyone else’s. Make your voice heard.

A Custer Owner’s Opinion

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From: Susan and Terry Foley []
Sent: Monday, June 01, 2009 9:53 AM
To: Up In Arms Forum
Subject: Re: Up In Arms Forum: BCC Meeting 6-2-09

Hi Andy,

I surely appreciate your efforts to keep things in check regarding
Ranchettes Roads. Our family is in favor of keeping our road – Custer Ave. – north side –
dirt. We like the dust and slower speeds and challenging pot hole course. The horses
have specifically shared their love of our roads, too. So we are not in favor of paving
north Custer. I realize that Fargo gets a real workout so you all will do what you
need to do.

We would appreciate you not making a blanket statement indicating
everyone wants paving. We shared with George Webb just two weeks ago that we still do
not choose to be paved. As a piece of advise, avoid making any generalizations
about our neighborhood as they are quite familiar with our residents and their opinions and
desires over the last twelve years.

Be blessed,

Susan B. Foley
Believer • Wife/Mom • Recreator

3182 Custer Ave.
Lake Worth, FL 33467

561-964-5671 – home
561-969-2420 – work
561-969-9439 – fax
561-628-3951 – cell

From: Andy []
Sent: Monday, June 01, 2009 10:43 AM
To: ‘Susan and Terry Foley’
Subject: RE: Up In Arms Forum: BCC Meeting 6-2-09


What generalizations have I made? Show me one blanket statement that I have made. Please back it up with fact. Everywhere I can I tell everyone to make their opinions known. My opinion is to pave Fargo. This is a result of owning on the corner of Rodeo and Fargo for 19 years. I’m tired of the maintenance. My goal is Fargo only and I have the support of everyone on my south side. Others have come to me and asked for help. The rest of the Ranchettes is up to everyone who lives there. Most of the roads don’t affect me but my neighbors opinions do when they ask for help.

I’m glad you’re happy. Thanks for your help with Lyons Road years ago. I’m sure that took a lot of effort.

Just one more further point. I have spent about two thousand dollars in signs, a website and printed materials. My time spent on this issue is approaching ridiculous. The County created a flawed road design for the east/west roads that intersect Fargo. They need to fix it.

You have been to the website. There is a public forum and every email pro or con that I could get my hands on is posted. Please take the time to look at this site again. The whole site. Every opinion on this topic is not only welcome but is posted. To date the County has nearly 1800 hits to my site! They have had a realistic view of Ranchettes opinions of everyone that has made their opinion public. They have scoured ever line of that site multiple times. I have the tracking data to prove it. I have censored nothing and cherry picked nothing. If you know of a more fair and open way for anyone and everyone to publicly state their opinion and for anyone and everyone to view it, let me know. This was the best I could come up with and judging by the County’s hits, a pretty effective one!

I respect you opinion and your right to express it. I will post your email.


Now is the time for Board Leadership!

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From: Andy []
Sent: Sunday, May 31, 2009 8:25 PM
To: ‘’
Cc: ‘Robert Weisman’; ‘George Webb’
Subject: 6-2-09 Agenda Item 6F2


The Ranchettes and Fargo Avenue were scheduled for the May 5, 2009 BCC Meeting. Understandably, the item was postponed to June 2, 2009. Doesn’t it seem strange that nearly 36 hours prior to the June 2, 2009 BCC Meeting there is still no backup for an item that was supposed to be presented one month ago? This is a pattern on this issue.

Commissioner Koons:

During our April meeting, you told me you would call me to discuss this issue as soon as Staff made their recommendation for the May 5, 2009 BCC Meeting. I am still awaiting your telephone call. To date, you have not answered one of my emails that I have sent to you. This includes the email that you requested me to send to you and promised a follow up of that email. Respectfully, I have done everything that you asked of me. It is time for you to follow through with your duties.

Commissioner Marcus, months ago, asked Mr. Weisman to personally oversee this issue. Two days later Engineering sent out a petition to 168 property owners that Mr. Weisman was unaware of. After I informed him of this petition it was cancelled. Mr. Webb made a presentation to the Board stating in his PowerPoint and many times verbally that a negative impact on Fargo was caused by the paving of the intersecting roads. Deputy Engineer McConnell then stated the complete opposite at the next BCC Meeting.

Commissioner Marcus also asked for “how to do it” scenarios and Mr. Weisman said he would provide them for June 2, 2009. This issue should never have made it out of the design stages. If one of my employees prepared a road design that created 9 pavement changes over a 12 lot distance, that employee would be the second person I would fire. The first person fired would be the Supervisor or Department head that approved the plan and sent it out for bids!

Now one year after this matter was brought to your attention and after all the time and effort that has gone into this item by not only Staff but by everyone involved, please use your oversight powers to fix Engineering’s mess. As Chairman of this Board, I formally ask you to join in the support demonstrated by Commissioners Santamaria, Marcus and Vana and resolve this issue in the best interest of all Ranchettes property owners who use Fargo Avenue.

How many months ago did you ask Staff to give their best effort to include this road with the current projects? Are you happy with Staff’s efforts? Frankly, I don’t know how you could answer yes when Deputy McConnell told Commissioner Vana that Engineering management were responsible for an estimated $50,000 delay that would have to be paid for by property owners.

Your Biography on the County website says one of your main priorities is the installation of paved roads. Now is the time to show real Board leadership and prove it! Mr. Weisman has stated numerous times that mistakes were made on this issue. As Chairman and as a County Commissioner, it is your responsibility to see those mistakes corrected.

Sincerely, and still waiting for your promised telephone call,

Andy Schaller

Can you say Flip Flop?

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From: Andrew F. Schaller []
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 3:35 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Fargo Avenue

Dear Commissioners,

During the 5-5-2009 BCC Meeting, Commissioner Marcus asked Mr. Weisman, “Will there be how to do it scenarios and what we have to do to get it done?” Mr. Weisman replied, “Yes.” That doesn’t seem likely.

It is my understanding that as of right now, May 28, 2009 at 2:45 pm, Staff is recommending that nothing whatsoever be done with Fargo. In fact after Mr. Webb told the Board numerous times in April that drainage improvements would have to be done on Fargo as a result of the current paving projects, Staff’s position now is a complete reversal. Staff’s current position is that paving the 5 east/west roads that intersect Fargo has actually helped drainage on Fargo!

Additionally, Staff now says that no money will be “given back” to property owners for the current paving projects because of additional cost overruns.

So as of right now the mistakes that have been made, as stated by Mr.
Weisman on numerous occasions, have really benefited Fargo and there is no money available to do anything with Fargo. There are still 1 1/2 days until Agenda review. This is plenty of time for Staff’s position to change once again or several more times.

June 3, 2009 will be one year since I first appeared in front of the Board.
I have spent thousands of dollars, created a website, provided you with printed materials, came to about a dozen board meetings, met with and talked with everyone that would listen to me, all of this over an item that should have been resolved in Engineering design years ago. Please direct Staff to honor Commissioner Marcus’ request of May 5, 2009. Mr. Webb has ignored Commissioner Santamaria’s direction of December 2008 to pave Fargo by: 1) Make it Legal, 2) Make it fair, 3) Make it quick.

In the best interest of everyone involved, please finish this mess.


Andy Schaller

Palomino Drive

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From: Andy []
Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 5:03 PM
To: ‘’
Cc: ‘’
Subject: Palomino Drive

Mr. Webb,

Thank you for sending the road crews to Palomino Drive. They are cutting down the grass areas that meet the pavement. Several machines and workers are removing dirt, sand and grass from the road edges to allow road water to now drain into the swales.

Thanks again.

Andy Schaller

“…the drainage flows correctly.”

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From: Andy []
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 12:48 PM
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Cc: ‘’; ‘’
Subject: Fargo: 5-13-09 Rainfall


I thought you might find these pictures interesting. The Deputy Engineer Tanya McConnell thinks the “drainage flows correctly.”

Respectfully, I ask you to be the judge.

“We have shot the elevations and the drainage flows correctly.” (Deputy Engineer Tanya McConnell, BCC Meeting 4-21-09)

Does this look correct to you?

Fargo after 5-13-09 rainfall

BCC Meeting 5-5-09

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From: Andy []
Sent: Friday, May 01, 2009 7:19 PM
To: ‘’
Cc: ‘Robert Weisman’
Subject: Fargo Avenue: May 5, 2009 BCC Meeting

Commissioner Koons,

When you and I met on Monday April 27, 2009 at 3:00pm, you told me you would call me when the Agenda item for Fargo Avenue appeared on the May 5, 2009 agenda and was posted on the County website. I told you that it probably would not be posted until 5:00pm on Friday May 1, 2009. It turns out that I was too optimistic and as of 6:00pm today, it is still not posted. My guess is that we will not be able to discuss Mr. Webb’s Staff Recommendation prior to your Agenda Review on Monday May 4, 2009 as you had said. I await your call.

I have three questions that I would like answered:

1. The Board voted in December of 2006 to stop accepting all new petitions for road construction into the MSTU program. However, in March of 2008, 15 months later, County Engineering solicited 24 properties on Rodeo Drive into the MSTU at a cost of more than $170,000 to County taxpayers. Who is directly and ultimately responsible for circumventing the Board’s decision by spend non-Board approved funds; George Webb or Bob Weisman and upon what legal authority did they act?

2. In July of 2008, Commissioner Aaronson would not support finishing the paving of Fargo Avenue stating that finishing the paving of Fargo would move Fargo to the front of the MSTU waiting line. Engineering now has to spend taxpayer money to fix Fargo drainage because of the east/west road paving. How do you justify Staff’s decision to create their own rules and pave a previously non-petitioned road by putting that road to the head of the line and denying the cross street that was adversely affected by that decision, the same equality and opportunity?

3. Fargo has been negatively impacted by the east/west road paving. Now Fargo will be designed, permitted and constructed for drainage for the entire road length leaving only asphalt to finish the process. How could anyone in good conscience leave the last four property lengths unpaved and decide against the requests for pavement by the two property owners at the end of the road?

As you know Commissioner, this item is scheduled for the next BCC Meeting. The favor of a reply would be appreciated before that time. Thank you.


Andy Schaller

Paving Fargo: The Real Story

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April 24, 2009

Fargo-news 4-24-09

April 21, 2009

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From: Andy []
Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 11:56 PM
To: ‘’
Cc: ‘’
Subject: Fargo Avenue/False statements

Commissioner Koons,

After the conclusion of today’s BCC Meeting, I told you that statements made by the Deputy Engineer, Tanya McConell were blatantly and patently false. Ms. McConell is either unaware of what is going on with Fargo Avenue or she has deliberately made false statements to the Board . Perhaps both possibilities are true. Here are the recorded facts that dispute Ms. McConnell’s statements:

“Aren’t you making drainage improvements on Fargo now?” (Commissioner Marcus, BCC Meeting 4-21-2009)

“No there are no drainage improvements on Fargo now.” (Ms. McConnell, BCC Meeting 4-21-2009)

“To help from the drainage that’s coming from the roads that got paved? (Commissioner Marcus, BCC Meeting 4-21-2009)

“We have shot the elevations and the drainage flows correctly.” (Ms. McConnell, BCC Meeting 4-21-2009)

Here is the proof of false statements:

1.“…we can use the money that we already have in the program to address some of the drainage issues on Fargo caused by the east/west roads…” (George Webb, BCC Meeting 4-7-09 1:45:47)

2. “…we are going to do drainage improvements along Fargo for those four roads to address drainage issues created by the paving of those four roads…”
(George Webb, BCC Meeting 4-7-09 1:45:47)

3. “…Drainage improvements in the Fargo right way should have been included in the current Ranchette project to address the water flowing from the east/west roads into Fargo. Those improvements are required and will be installed. Funding exists in the current Ranchette assessment to pay for these drainage modifications without increasing the current assessment. In total, these funds will be sufficient to construct Fargo…”
(AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY BCC Meeting April 7, 2009, Item # 5 C – 1)

4. “…We will also use available assessment monies to address drainage issues on Fargo associated with the current project…” (George Webb, BCC Meeting 4-7-09 PowerPoint slide show.)

5. “…I understand the contractor did do base work in the intersections. I see this is a plus for you in considering where this might end up. I am still talking to Mr. Webb about this situation and options to deal with it…” ( Bob Weisman, email 4-1-09 referencing the drainage issue on Fargo caused by the east/west road paving.)

Commissioner, I can give you a lot more examples of the false information that Staff has provided to you and expected you to make an informed decision based upon those inaccuracies. You denied my request for more than the allowable three minutes at the last Board Meeting (April 21, 2009). Respectfully sir, you have not heard the whole truth on this issue and it has gotten way out of hand.

Prior to you becoming Chairman of this Board, you asked the Staff to give a best effort try to resolve this issue quickly. That did not happen. Now that you are Chairman, I implore you to allow me to explain this situation in full to you in a personal meeting. I have been appearing before you for over a year now, met with other commissioners, met with Mr. Webb, Ms. McConnell, Michael Marquis and spoke and emailed with Mr. Weisman. Why have I spent so much effort? Because a great injustice is being done to us taxpayers, the people who elected each one of you and it is continuing on your watch. After one year my patience with this issue is definitely running out.

If you condone the County Engineer offering to and spending $170,000+ of taxpayer’s money in order to cover up his department’s mistake and then turn around and deny other owners the same opportunity and equal benefit, then as Chairman of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, what message do you think the public is receiving?

My website has all of the public information on this topic I can find. It is updated continuously and it paints the most accurate picture of this situation you will find. I will call your office to schedule a meeting before the next BCC Meeting. Please find the time to meet with me, as other Commissioners have, in an effort to resolve this issue fairly and equally.


Andy Schaller